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Product And Service

This is a software and hardware design and consultant company. We can assist customers in analyzing the technical software and hardware required by the product, commercial applications, costs, etc. The design includes website design, Linux/Windows development, Android/iOS system Development, microcontroller design, embedded system design and development, hardware design, etc., is a comprehensive design consulting company.

Rich experience in design software and hardware.

We has more than 30 years of experience in design software and hardware, and success designed related software and hardware for many companies such as Chunghwa Post Office, Wanguo Law Firm, Ding Tai Fung, Ding Dang Insurance Company, Taipei Fire Department, Supermicro System, Di Rong International, Proton Communication Technology, Transxiang Technology, Hongpu Technology, Seeing Biomedical, Mingdong Industrial, Skynetmesh Technology, etc.

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Related Works

Overall Integration

  • Outdoor Intelligent Security Platform
  • Software Protect Lock
  • SS7 Communication system and telecom switch monitor system
  • AAA authentication system
  • NAS network file system
  • Multimedia Headend of Treadmill by Android system

Software Design

  • Stock Basicer
  • Seeing Biomedical LIMS System
  • Post Office postal code maintain System
  • Wanguo Lawyer Trademark System
  • Dingdai Insurance Website
  • Fire Department Microscope Automatic Control System
  • Ding Tai Fung Restaurant Management System
  • Cloud invoicing system, accounting, salary system

Hardware Design

Recent works: Smart Lock Application Design

  • Easy and convenient unlocking

    Mostly we go home at night, we have to fumble around when we open the door, look for the key, and constantly look for the lock hole when opening the lock. It always takes some time to mushroom. Through the AthenaLock technology, you can immediately save you from being beaten by wind and rain. The elderly do not have to worry about vision problems, and the injured do not have to worry about being unable to open the lock.

  • Share On Cloud

    When we go abroad, when colleagues need the keys in our hands to obtain important documents, traditional locks can only find a locksmith or wait until we return to China before we can get the information. But with the technology, we only need to use the "AthenaLock" APP Sharing, so that it can be obtained by specific people without affecting important business opportunities.

  • Monitoring

    Many times, we will go out with locks, such as bicycles or luggage compartments abroad, but these are huge items, and many places are not suitable for carrying in, such as shops or toilets. Although it only takes a few minutes, they will still be lost. With the AthenaLock technology in a limited distance (10m~30m), you can safely use the monitoring and electronic lock functions provided to do your things elegantly and easily.